About GoldenDreamscape

As a passionate aficionado towards anything of relevance to music, you could say that this blog was spurred into existence from nothing short of a mere whim. My purpose goes beyond sharing the latest additions to my playlist and whatnot. The idea behind this concept is to expose a wide audience to music from multiple regions, thereby lowering the prejudice which restricts them from appreciating music as a whole.

On this blog, you’ll be seeing music of various genres. As a Kpop and Jpop enthusiast, I suppose those genres will be frequented alongside mainstream and underrated music alternatively. Besides song recommendations and the latest circulations on my playlist, I’ll also be analyzing the in-depth meanings of certain songs that I’ve come to appreciate over the course of time.

About Myself

Sixteen years of age, I’m down to my final year of secondary education as a student whose interests lie primarily in the fields of creative writing and literature. Music is something that was formerly considered as an enjoyable pastime, eventually evolving to become an irreplaceable part of my life.

Having been told that my taste in music wasn’t quite bad, I attempted to introduce more of my friends to variety. And from that point, I decided that if I could do something like this face-to-face, why not attempt it on digital media?

With the progression of time, I hope to enhance your understanding and appreciation of music from around the world. And with that, I think I’ll end this on a bright note. In advance, thank you for your support and please don’t hesitate to send in your suggestions and recommendations as well. You’ll find my information on the contact page.