Weekly Rotations

A/N: If I had to come up with a word to describe the past week, I suppose that ‘nostalgic’ and ‘wistful’ would be appropriate. It’s been a hectic mess of emotions and conflict with a trip down memory lane. Either way, without further ado, here are the recommendations for this week.

01: Harry Styles – Sign of the Times

Styles’ never fails to surprise his audience with good music. Written from the perspective of a dying mother bidding her child a farewell, Sign of the Times is classed as a slow-paced form of pop-rock. With the use of Biblical imagery in the music video itself, one would wonder whether or not Styles is referring to Judgment Day and the end times as well.

02: Eddy Kim – Heart Pound

Among a minority of soloists, Eddy Kim is known for taking a more westernized approach to his music, drifting away from the typical sound of K-pop and moving towards something smoother and unique. While Heart Pound might not be your cup of tea at first, a few listens later might make you think otherwise.

03: Against The Current – Roses

The artistry behind lyrics by Against The Current is absolutely no joke. Initially, your perception of Roses might be that it refers to the stereotypical breakups that we hear about in quite a lot of songs. However, by the time you reach the bridge, you’ll discover a surprising twist that changes everything you were once certain of.

04: Bruno Mars – That’s What I Like

Honestly, what’s not to like about Bruno Mars? With a catchy admixture of hip hop soul, new jack swing and R&B, That’s What I Like is a refreshing track that’ll have you tapping your foot along to the beat before you even know it.

05: Chris Tomlin – Good Good Father

Simple strums on a guitar and powerful vocals make for a serene and soothing track by Chris Tomlin. Good Good Father is arguably one of Tomlin’s best songs but that’s all a matter of perspective. Either way, sometimes simplicity is all that you need to listen to when you’re facing obstacles in a particularly stressful period of time.

06: Utada Hikaru – Simple And Clean -Ray of Hope Mix-

As an avid fan of the Kingdom Hearts series, Utada Hikaru’s recent remix of the first game’s title track left most fans nostalgic of the past. In comparison to the original Simple And Clean which was far more melancholic in nature, the Ray of Hope Mix is, as its title suggests, relatively more hopeful.

07: Audien ft. Max – One More Weekend

A catchy song with a summer vibe, One More Weekend’s lyrics convey an underlying tone of freedom. Classed under electro-pop and dance music, the track has the potential to either give you a strong sense of nostalgia or craving for aesthetics. For some reason, I just can’t seem to get enough of it.

08: AGUSTD ft. Jin & Jungkook – So Far Away

Possibly the most repeated track of the latest Weekly Rotations, the verses of So Far Away depict self-loathing and withdrawal felt by one whose dreams are drifting further away with the passing of each day. On the other hand, with the promise of there being prosperity in the very end, the choruses and refrains encourage one to dream and endure all hardships that come their way.

09: AMBER – On My Own

While some may consider Amber’s voice to be rather weak, there’s a form of honesty and calmness to it that just renders me speechless upon every listen. On My Own highlights the struggles faced by one in pursuing their dream, simultaneously placing emphasis on one’s attempts at staying strong despite having been abandoned.

10: Troye Sivan ft. Broods – Ease

From the many tracks of Blue Neighbourhood, I’ve grown to love and appreciate Ease the most. As a particularly wistful song, Ease conveys one’s wish for comfort when faced with a bout of homesickness. Moreover, it depicts the desire to return to simpler times of the past.


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