Weekly Rotations

A/N: Sharing my taste in music while expanding yours has always been a dream of mine. Weekly Rotations is, as its title suggests, a post that’ll be made on a weekly basis, highlighting the latest additions to my playlist along with what’s been listened to the most. 

01: Ed Sheeran – Shape of You

Everyday I’m discovering something brand new. And with Sheeran’s hit single that was released towards the latter half of January, I can officially say that I’m late to the party. Nevertheless, a few listens later, I’m hooked onto the song. With a catchy tropical house beat, Shape of You is one song that you won’t be getting tired of anytime soon.

02: Triple H – 365 Fresh

I’d like to think that the song speaks for itself. 365 Fresh is a catchy track that’s got quite a lot of funk to it. The track’s gained immense popularity for controversy (which occurred due to the contents of the music video) along with its resemblance to Bruno Mars’ 24K Magic.

03: Luck Life (ラックライフ) – Parabola

Luck Life’s been gaining popularity in Japan recently, having come up with a few tracks that have been showcased in certain anime. Parabola’s a relatively unknown track though but with those strong guitar riffs and the overall relaxing vibe that it’s been giving me, it holds a special place in my heart.

04: Harry Styles – Woman

Of all the tracks that the members of One Direction have come up with, Styles’ are probably my favorite. It’s all a matter of taste. But if there’s one thing I have to say, it’s that I’ve missed music like this and I quite admire the bold direction that he’s taking with his newly acquired sound.

05: Snail’s House – ラ・ム・ネ (ra-mu-ne)

Much of the music produced by Snail’s House is a drug, addictive while being capable of inducing happiness like no other. I’d like to think that this falls under the genre of Future Bass but either way, it’s a soothing listen, especially after a dreary day spent at school or work.

06: Black Coast (ft. M. Maggie) – TRNDSTTR (Lucian Remix)

A downtempo-based track, the remixed version of TRNDSTTR consists of a steady beat which is soon accompanied by two powerful beat drops. It’s been a while since I got this on my playlist and yet I don’t seem to tire of it. So, I bet you’re looking for something new?

07: G-Dragon – 무제(無題) (Untitled, 2014)

G-Dragon’s latest single places emphasis on simplicity of the best sorts. And that simplicity is what boosted him to the #1 spot on the iTunes Worldwide Album Chart. While the lyrics refer to a lost love, the track itself consists of a variety of chords played on a piano, accompanied by the powerful voice of G-Dragon himself.

08: HAIM – Falling

Released back in 2013, HAIM’s Falling is quite a timeless single, but that’s just my opinion. It’s a startling trip down memory lane, recalling songs of the past that may or may not be heard on the radio anymore. Either way, there’s something quite enthralling about Falling and I assume that it’s the overall relaxed vibe to it, alongside those lyrics.

09: Owl City – Hospital Flowers

When you think of Owl City, you think of Fireflies and VergeHospital Flowers seems to be one of the least popular tracks by Adam Young, but it’s also one of those songs with a set of powerful lyrics that some choose to disregard. Personally, I think that the bottom line of those lyrics would be to enjoy and be content with the simplicity that life has to offer.

10: Lasse Lindh – Hush

Hush is one of those songs that either hit you with a heavy sense of nostalgia or make you dream of scenarios that have yet to come true. With the soft strums of a guitar, beautiful piano chords and a grand string instrument, Hush is a great listen. Especially if you want something calming to soothe your nerves prior to sleep or anything really.

P.S. That’ll be it for this week! And remember, the most important thing would be to listen to these songs without prejudice. Not being able to understand a language should not restrict you from enjoying good music. Have a good week ahead!


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